Poster Instructions

The conference will be organized with four plenary sessions and two sessions dedicated to poster presentations.

  • Regulatory statistics and beyond
  • Statistical inference in biostatistics of the XXIth century
  • Successful marriage between bioinformatics and biostatistics
  • Recurrent event analyses

Two poster sessions will present a limited number of selected contributed papers.

The poster should be set up by the presenter as his/her arrival on Thursday 14th September, for the first coffee-break (before 10:00 am). A special office desk "PRESENTERS" will be dedicated.

Posters which have not been removed by 18:00 on Friday 15th September will be disposed of by the Organization Committee staff.

When preparing your poster for presentation at the SFdS conference, please follow the following guidelines :

General Recommendations
  • The working language will be English (papers, posters and oral presentations).
  • The first author is required to be present at his/her poster during his/her assigned session.
  • The poster should be self-explanatory.
  • Write your presentation concisely.
  • Mounting stickers available in the poster session area.

Poster Size
  • Exclusively size landscape
  • Recommended poster size: 118 cm wide and 85 cm high (“A0” size).
  • Posting multiple A4 or A3 pages is possible.
  • Do not exceed the size of the poster board (140 cm wide and 95 cm high).

Poster format Heading
  • In large-sized type (no less than 2.5 cm).
  • Must be placed at the top of the board (You may use the entire width of the board).
  • Must list the title and all authors, including affiliation.

  • All material must be readable from distances of one meter or more.
  • Use bold type to ensure legibility.
  • Use letters, arrows, numbers, or other devices to show those who will be viewing your poster the preferred sequence in which your poster should be reviewed.

  • Prepare clear graphics.
  • Each graphic should have a title, in a large-sized type.
  • Legend should be concise.
  • Avoid very fine lines.

Other Recommendations
  • Do not use heavy cardboard because they may be difficult to keep in position on the poster board.
  • Make all print very dark (preferably block style) on a very light (preferably white) background, or conversely.
  • Print around 50 copies of your poster (format A4) to give on Day D (poster room).

Onsite Instructions
  • A member of the Organizing Committee will be available on site to assist you in setting up your poster.
  • The Organizing Committee will provide appropriate material to hang your poster on the board. Please do not use glue, tape, paint, or staples on the poster boards
  • Handouts of your poster may be available for distribution if you prefer. The copies should not contain advertisements or proprietary drug names.
  • It will not be allowed to display your poster or copies of your poster outside the assigned poster room.